The International Center
Aquaponics and Family Farming

The International Center of Aquaponics and Family Farming is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to discover, create, deploy, and teach strategic food growing solutions, both domestically and internationally. These endeavors encourage personal food production by developing community-based clean food growing programs designed to engage sustainable food growing practices.

        Hands-on Aquaponic Training

Having trained thousands students in Aquaponics, AquaponicAustin
is the largest and most successful Aquaponic training resource in Texas.

Classes and Workshops are held throughout Central Texas and kept intentionally small to ensure everyone's personal Aquaponic goals are met.

 A learning resource for growing Clean Food using Aquaponics and TransFarming Techniques.

Download lots of additional Information on Aquaponics, TransFarming, and other Clean Food Growing solutions...
                       The Texas
Aquaponic and TransFarming Meetup

The Texas Aquaponic and TransFarming Meetup Group is the largest of its kind in the country and free to join.

Pushing upwards of 1,500 members, this Group regularly has free classes and Workshops revolving around all aspects of clean, personal food production.


Public Speaking and Group Training

Arturo Arredondo is an international Aquaponic trainer, lecturer, consultant, and author.

Considered the foremost authority on backyard Aquaponic farming in Texas, Arturo has trained thousands of people in Aquaponics, not only in Texas, but also in Mexico and Central America.
Arturo is also a sought after "personal food production" specialist and innovator. He created the Texas TransFarming Group which specializes in transforming backyards into farmyards. Through his Aquaponic and TransFarming efforts, he was chosen as a keynote speaker and trainer for the Annual Austin Disaster Relief Network Conference, Mensa Conference, Austin Pond Society,  Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Conference and myriad other venues throughout Texas. 

                    Arturo can be contacted at